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Driving Miss Dixie 2

Posted on November 26, 2013 by Marna


I love the smell of corrugate in the morning. I’m a bit of a professional mover. I save good boxes for future use. My move out of California has been flawless except for the stress Dixie has when she sees boxes and hears the squeal of the 3M packing tape.

Driving across country with a 70-pound dog while missing a nor’easter is my kind of fun.  I haven’t driven in “weather” since my last winter in Brooklyn in 2001.  I have packed the car accordingly:  small shovel, ice scraper, volcanic ash to put under tires, protein bars, dried fruit, and a case of CA wine. Dixie’s backseat charcuterie is more like a mobile lounge. She’s got her treats, kibble, bones and a plush faux shearling seat cover to stay warm.  And if things get tough, she’s got Benedryl and doggie painkillers in place of wine.

The stress for both of us will end as soon Santa Barbara is in the rear view. Tomorrow we hit the road for the next great adventure.  Goodbye California.

Social dog media 1

Posted on November 11, 2012 by Marna

Friend Me

Dixie was getting her last walk of the night when I noticed a white car rolling by really slow.  When it parked illegally, I paid more attention while Dixie watered a bush.  A girl I didn’t recognized jumped out of the car and said, “Marna, is that Dixie?”

This woman was introduced to me online a year ago through a mutual friend who thought we should get together because our dogs look alike.  I know that sounds like a crazy-dog-owner-qualifier, but American Bulldogs are sort of rare and their markings vary.  We obviously never made time to meet, but were able to keep up with our dog-related facebook posts.    This was my first encounter with a Facebook person I didn’t know before friending them.

If there was doggie TMZ, I think Dixie would be this week’s IT girl, but for now, she hopes you’ll thumbs up like her.


Michaels creates the mother of invention 2

Posted on November 06, 2011 by Marna

Kramer and Tex

I’ve had dead dog ashes for a while. When I look at memorials online, they are too stodgy and don’t fit the personality of Kramer or Tex.  My idea has always been a small picture frame with a little test tube of ashes glued on.  Much better than a small pine box with dates on it.

I’m creative, but I’m not crafty.  If you looked at my abandoned scrapbooking project, you would assume my godson is three months old.  But I still like to cruise the aisles of Michaels to pickup seasonal things.  This weekend I stumbled upon a heart-shaped magnet box picture frame pair.  For $2.39 I grabbed it.   When I got home I popped the lids, put the pictures in, dumped the ashes, and placed the magnets on the refrigerator next to other family photos and my “Hard ons do not count as personal growth” magnet.  Dixie and I then went to hike the cliffs and dump the remaining ashes.

Sometimes when there is no creative pressure, you can find solutions in between wicker baskets and apple-scented candles.  Kramer and Tex are finally “at rest” and I have more space in my nightstand drawer.

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