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Some of these clips have been published, others are just meanderings…

Internet dating, I quit you, January 2010
When you’ve reached the end of your rope internet dating, just say no.

Reaching the next generation of healthcare consumers

Healthleaders, January 2006
Forget the boomer, build brand equity with Gen Y.

Is she really going out with him?

Modvox Insights channel, November 2004
After years of dating, I still forget to ask the right questions.

Kramer’s Mother’s Day

This story is about my mother’s request to adopt my dog, Kramer. This was her choice for a mother’s day gift.

2001 Camp Brooklyn Odyssey

When my nephew, Sam, turned two, he was allowed to spend a week with me in Brooklyn. This is his diary.

9/11/01 The Walk from Wall Street to My Brooklyn Home

I forwarded this e-mail to my address book prior to the phone lines going out in NYC. It was the only way for me to communicate my experience… what I saw and felt… and let everyone know I was alive.  The e-mail eventually made it into the hands of the wife of the assistant secretary of defense.  Everyone was hungry for information to try to understand why.

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