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This says single

Posted on February 24, 2016 by Marna
Ice bucket, wine chiller, pint  glasses, and bourbon ice forms.

Ice bucket, wine chiller, pint glasses, and bourbon ice forms.

A married-with friend was recently visiting the MaxiPad for the first time. He took me up on my beer offer and I opened my freezer to pull out a chilled pint glass. He took a picture and sent it to his wife. When I asked him why, he said, “You can tell you don’t have kids. No Eggos. No pizza. All you have are booze-related needs. That is so refreshing.”

Well, I do have bone broth, frozen blueberries, and marrow bones (for Dixie). Otherwise, I eat fresh and drink cold.

Two days later my friend texted me “Don’t quote me, but kids are cunts.” My childless girlfriend and I laughed, cheers-ed, and took another sip. Being single has its perks.

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  1. Hi Marna! Remember me (vaguely) from Longwood? I saw your name in the Longwood magazine and decided to google you as opposed to ogle you, leaving that to the man you mentioned above). Good to see you are still writing!

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