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Professionally, thanks to many lay offs in the 1990s, I’ve done a lot. I expanded my skill-set as they say in the corporate world. I have more than 25 years of innovative, revenue delivering, senior-level marketing and communications success working with Fortune 100s, government, nonprofits, small businesses, startups, and agencies. Industry exposure includes the following: insurance, consumer electronics, banking/financial services, technology, defense, economic development, healthcare/retirement services, travel/tourism, and entertainment.

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Well, that kind of experience is the kind that burns you out and makes you dream of killing your boss, or finding a new source of professional happiness. I left my Wall Street Fortune 25 job and moved to Los Angeles in July 2003. My envious co-workers and friends felt it was risky and crazy. After arriving, I realized that my hidden writing talent and my general creativity have been stifled by my corporate endeavors. I purged. It was a self-inflicted creative renaissance that lasted 10 years.  But, after the third California layoff, I decided it was time to move back east.  Virginia was calling me home.

I’m also making a lot of social changes. I began my professional dating career in the mid-1990s when I divorced my self-medicating, bipolar husband who had an unhealthy obsession with Duran Duran. He gave me a high tolerance for weird which is reflected in my current day dating stories. I continue to look and wonder if there are viable relationship candidates out there. They say my ship will come in. Right now, I’m enjoying swimming in that sea.

I’d like to thank everyone through my career who has encouraged me or taught me to write. From the servicemen in the Pentagon who trained me with AP Style guidelines when I was 17 to my family who thinks I should be doing stand-up.

I’ll remember you all when it is time to write acknowledgements or roll credits.

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  1. Theresa says:

    hey, your writings are great. I love the use of profanity!! I’m starting my dating career after a long marriage with a bipolar too! This is enjoyable right? that’s what i keep telling my friends too! Thanks, look forward to reading your posts in my email.

  2. Marna Bunger says:

    At least we’ve learned what we don’t want the next time, right?!

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    Marna’s writing career started as a Pentagon intern. Early exposure to $500 toilet seat press releases made her appreciate creative nonfiction. Now she has more than 25 years of senior-level marketing and communications success working with Fortune 100 companies, government, nonprofits, small businesses, startups, and agencies.

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