She minces no words.

Dont Mince Words


Rather than have formal accolades or recommendations for me or my talent, I thought I’d pull quotes from professional and personal sources.


“Thanks — that was funny. And it did not make me feel at ALL insecure.

Dave Barry, 5-11

OK, 5-10.

OK, 5-9.

– Dave Barry, Miami Herald, after reading my Los Angeles Times commentary

“The fruits of Marna’s labor turned to seed but always sprouted new challenges. Her lust for greater responsibility earned her the coveted position of officer in charge of the A/V remote site. Her epicurean adventurism fueled the staff’s caloric needs. She will be long remembered for her cool head (preferably draft), and her hearty “har har.” Her final departure after four long years leaves a rope of broken hearts and wilted wonder on how to fix the hunger. Marna will be sorely missed.”

– Mike, USAF, Pentgon

“It has been 10 years since Marna worked for me at the Virginia Division of Tourism, but we are still talking about her. Aside from her research, advertising, and public relations skills, Marna has a keen sense of strategy that is firmly based in reality. When we didn’t received the returns we were looking for from NASCAR advertising, Marna pointed out, “Who the fuck can read a toll-free number on the side of a car going 180 mph?” The business-as-usual state employees could really take a lesson from her.”

– Anne, VDEP, Richmond

“Marna was not only a skilled writer at CapitalOne, she created team spirit through humor. She built a glossary of buzz words commonly used by the 20-somethings with fresh MBAs and no experience. We howled when we realized that ‘ramping-up’ could be considered primping prior to sleeping with the boss. She left us to work in technology where only programmers and designers could possibly appreciate her intelligence and biting humor.”

– Bettina, CapitalOne, Richmond

“You might be the wild child, but you sure as shit know what you are doing when you are marketing and communicating (that is what you were hired to do, wasn’t it?).”

– Liz, AIG, New York

“I’m sure the AIG folks had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they brought Marna on board. No doubt a few heart attacks ensued amongst the grey hairs as Marna could make Howard Stern blush (not Anna Nicole’s lawyer, the other one)… She was without a doubt my favorite client while in NYC. Who else can dish on Milton Berle, John Milton, and Milton from Office Space in the same breath? She took a stiff Fortune 25 company position and added her own pieces of flair. Now that she’s moved out to Cali, I can’t wait the opportunity to work with her again soon!”

– Richard, MooseDesign, Denver

“Just have to say that your emails make my day. Every day. Keep em comin!”

– Account Exec, 72andSunny, Los Angeles


“You probably get this from married guys all the time, but as I read through your writings it really hit home for me…you are pretty special! Besides the fact that I have known you for an unbelievable 15+ years you are without question one of the most articulate interesting friends that I have! Do you realize that your emails are a much anticipated event around our home! (Who says married life is dull!) Take comfort knowing that there are a couple of folks here in Richmond that think your great and are cheering you on!”

– Matt, Richmond

“Mom and I read your L.A. blog, laughing hysterically (there may have been some wine involved). L.A. seems to agree with you, or at least it’s unleashed the writing beast within.”

– Kim, Washington, D.C.

“Marna is distinguished from all other women in many ways. Rather than the usual collection of random, unfathomable to men knick-knacks, her bathroom is decorated with enough genuinely interesting items that it took me two trips to completely check everything out. Her view of reality is firmly grounded, yet it regularly blurs into the surreal without warning, just often enough to keep things interesting. She owns speakers that kick ass. And unlike the hordes of homogenously decorated poseurs who expect others to fawn over their uninspired body designs, Marna’s hidden tattoo really is as cool as she thinks it is.”

– Greg, Baltimore

“Marna is the butt-kicking sister I wish I had. We coulda been a team, man! She comprehends the deviant genius in Pat Boone covering heavy metal classics; she seems to instinctively know what makes men tick and what they look for in porn. She’s the most elegant and ruthless of double agents; she likes sleeping with the enemy!! Brains, savvy, and sex appeal – look out LA!”

– Barry, New York

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  1. Mac says:

    Marna was my pen-pal when I was in the Persian Gulf. (Yes, The one that wasn’t illegal). While I appreciate all the comments you past fellow-workers of hers have left, you can’t imagine how her writing coupled with a properly perfumed letter and a pair of kelly green lacy underwear can motivate a guy in the middle of the desert out in some lonely foxhole. Yep, i knew her when…
    I can only warn you: Marna will make you a CATEGORY KILLER! Give her alot of room, stay out of her way, let her spend your money. Your competition will be sorry.

  2. Raul says:

    The new look and feel looks great. Everything is easy to read, slim downed, well placed and in characteristically red.

    Of course I am referring to her new slim body. The site is OK too.

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