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Social marketing condolences

Posted on March 01, 2009 by Marna

As the grumpy old lady of the internet, I have said I don’t have time for anything unless it is going to get me a job or get me laid. While Facebook has not yielded those results for me yet, it has lived up to the “social” part of marketing.

When I posted my status was “back to being single,” I had cocktail offers within minutes. Girlfriends wanted to console me, which I realized was just a really good excuse to drink.

“I made the decision to breakup with GC. Really, I’m fine,” I explained.

The next day, I had three different girlfriend dates and one offered setting me up with a new guy. I don’t know what to make of Facebook except it is another great communications channel I’ve loaded with very good friends.

The speed with which people reach out is equal to my relationship recovery time. What took me weeks and months to say before now took me days.


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