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Never Forget… Again Comments Off on Never Forget… Again

Posted on September 12, 2018 by Marna

Yesterday was my first time in an office since 9/11. I thought I could handle it given the amount of time elapsed. I spent a lot of time taking calls outside and pacing. The truth is, I prefer to be at home with the TV volume on low as names of the dead are recited. Never Forget. Never again in an office.

In comes another Comments Off on In comes another

Posted on June 08, 2018 by Marna

I thought I could last a while without getting another dog, but the older I get the more I know dogs are the best companions. And much more fun than dating. 

When I was cruising Petfinder a little too frequently, I knew it was time. I wanted a senior dog, big was OK, but it was going to be non-shedding. 

Roxy is a seven year-old, 65-pound “small” giant schnauzer. Her owner could no longer care for her and surrendered her to a schnauzer rescue. After a vet appointment, it’s confirmed she has hip dysplasia. I’m a veteran in that department, so I’m going to work with her on exercise and NSAIDs. Her only bad habits are tugging on clothes for attention, counter surfing and trash diving.

I know men with worse habits!  She’s a keeper. 

Merry what and a happy nothing Comments Off on Merry what and a happy nothing

Posted on December 20, 2017 by Marna

Bonuses and any type of employee recognition can be tricky. I understand that. I come from the school of thought that you should make it thoughtful or make it matter… or don’t bother.

After years of working in dot com, I was used to good bonuses, and I’m not talking about the frozen turkey or the canned ham of the 1980s. Good, new wardrobe or a European vacation kind of money. When I moved to L.A., those bonuses disappeared when I became a contractor.

Flash forward to Christmas 2007 when I was back in the ad agency world. I was so excited when I heard checks were going to be handed out at the party. I opened the envelope, looked up, looked down again and said to my main gay, “what am I going to do with $200 in Los Angeles?” He said, “I know. I heard they were way better last year.” The housing crisis had started to hit then, so I cut them some slack and ordered my bonus online.

“What did you get,” asked my main gay.

“I bought a vibrator with a 12-foot cord. I’m tired of buying batteries,” I explained. Let’s face it. The purchase was very symbolic of my bonus.

Flash forward 10 years later. I checked in with my main gay and wished him a merry christmas and also let him know my bonus was still alive and well. When he asked what my employer gave me this year, I reluctantly had to admit I got the same thing I give my dog walker – a $25 gift certificate to Target.

“Are you kidding me? Why did they even bother?” he said.

I don’t know. I do know my dog walker was much happier than I was, but he doesn’t walk my dog 40 hours a week.

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