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How do you like them apples?

Posted on September 19, 2005 by Marna

When it comes to direct hits, men of color have always been first responders to my looks. My almost blue-white creamy skin could guide planes in at LAX. The hair isn’t blond, which is a rarity in this town. The whole package is not what men are used to seeing, so they react.

Latin men love the Marnasita. Middle-eastern and Indian men enjoy my WASPy superwhiteness. Jews have always chased me because I am the shiksa from hell – the opposite of what their mother wants them to have. And black men. Well, they are the original admirers of The Marn.

This morning, I dropped my stash of NetFlix at the post office. As I was walking back around to my car, a 50-something black man with a jeweled fez pillbox hat looked me up and down 2.5 times and then smiled at me and said, “Mmmmm, mmmmm. Yes, I like everything big. Good morning to you.”

I smiled and said thank you but had to chuckle because the man spoke to me with a very Kentucky Fried Chicken finger-licking-good voice. But, at least he knows what he likes.

This was a nice Monday morning reminder to me to continue to be a tenacious communicator and to be exceptionally expressive. In a town where men want to be chased and won’t look you in the eyes, I’m going to continue to walk the talk, balls out swinging. I know what I like too.

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