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Posted on May 17, 2004 by Marna

It is always special when my nephews decide to call me. Tonight Dave, my 2.5 year old nephew, asked his mom to dial. He had something to tell me.

“Aunt Mah-na? I went pee in the potty,” Dave announced.

“You did? Does that mean you are a big boy?” I asked.

“Yes, and I have pull-ups,” he said.

Sam got on the phone and confirmed that his little brother did, indeed, use the toilet. He was the piss validator in that kid rite-of-passage.

Then I began to wonder, why was I chosen to be told this wonderous news out of the combined roster of aunts and uncles? Why me? Is it because I giggle when they fart? Did Sam tell Dave that I am Cool Aunt Marna and I’m the one that likes bodily functions? It really makes me wonder.

Will I be the one they call when they need to get bailed out of jail on spring break? Will they call me when they smoke their first joint or buy their first pack of condoms? I hope my early influence will prompt them to keep the calls coming.

Next step: I need to tell Dave that a coiled turd in the toilet is called a cobra. Maybe that will make him sit on the pot longer…

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