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Posted on April 16, 2009 by Marna

I’m going to pitch a new TV show to the networks.  “Are you better at Wii than a 7 year-old” will feature gaming unsaavy adults playing Wii against their younger relatives.  I discovered during Easter, in my attempt to be hip with the nephews, I need to upgrade my Ms. Pacman-era gaming skills.

While everyone in the house was sick, the youngest nephew who is 7  took it upon himself to keep us entertained by “teaching” me some of his Wii games.  He enjoyed talking a lot and telling tips and tricks, but leaving out a few details to ensure he’d win every game.  Whatever.  I get it.  He gets crushed by his older brother so this was the first time he had an equal-skilled opponent.

After my day-long tutorial, my brother came downstairs laughing.  Apparently, I was in the kid’s evening prayers.  “And thank you for bringing me Aunt Marna so that I had someone to play with whose butt I could whip.”

Just you wait kid.  I vow never to be in 12th place again in Super Mario Cart.  I’m going to find someone to play with here so I can start my driver’s ed.

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