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Posted on August 16, 2006 by Marna

I’m riding the trend wave again. And I’m not talking about a passing fancy like bungie jumping, myspace networking, or miniskirts with leggings.

I’ve become one of them, without the Birkenstocks or patchouli oil. I’ve been a vegetarian for 100 days. And for shits and giggles, I decided to give up wheat, refined sugar (all hail the Splenda god), caffeine, and booze. Life without meat is easier than I thought because I still have eggs, cheese, and fish. I gave up bread a while ago, but now I really pay attention to labels and avoid wheat products and use rice-based instead. When I need a sugar fix, I go sugar-free and it’s not so bad. I’ve also discovered I have so much natural energy, I don’t need a caffeine boost.

Beer is another story. I lasted 60 days. I tried. I really tried. I’ve lost my taste for the lights and ambers, but man, a good ale is still good. I guess if I’m avoiding wheat, I should avoid beer, but it’s obvious that’s impossible. How is it I can forego hamburgers, but crave double barrel ale?

The only way I have survived my new lifestyle is by becoming a food enabler. I have friends over. I cook things with bacon, turkey, chicken, or beef. Every animal with a head, big brown eyes, and a mother has been in my kitchen during the last 100 days. I touch the meat, tell it hello, and prepare it with love. I refuse to be one of those whiny ass vegetarians that uses natural deodorant, recycles, and doesn’t cook real food for their friends.

I’m not pushing my new organic lifestyle on others, but I do feel great- kind of like I did the first time I skied, or hiked to a peak, or swam in the Santa Monica bay. I don’t do that stuff anymore, so we’ll see how long this lasts.

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