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Driving Miss Dixie – Day 4

Posted on November 30, 2013 by Marna

I know driving across country sounds romantic and fun.  It’s not.  It may be fun if you are 21, limber, and have a big bag of weed and a co-driver to ward off the boredom.  Otherwise, no.  Case in point:  New Mexico and Texas.  If you ever have trouble sleeping, take I-40 east of Albuqueque.  I had to put on “Today’s Pop Hits” to sing just to stay awake.  And I had a huge coffee.  And it was  morning!

Dixie does Cadillac Ranch

Dixie does Cadillac Ranch

Texas was more of the same except fewer rocks, more fields and silos (grain not missile).  Dixie and I stopped at a Love’s travel plaza to confirm it would be ironic.  I was, in my day hike boots, jeans, and turtleneck, the hottest girl in the place.  But you can’t expect much of the poor clientele when the air is scented with dung.  I peed and got gas.  Dixie barked at a lot of flannel while was told I was pretty on the plaza.  But Texas is the first state that had a man that talked to me.  Go Texas.  It can only get better as I continue to move east.

Our main attraction of the day was Cadillac Ranch.  Google it.  It is a fun art installation that is litered with spray paint cans.  When we got there, two different families with young kids were creating their car graffiti. I don’t think they were Banksy’s in training, but it looked like a fun holiday/family activity.  Better than drinking a Bud and beating the kids.  Dixie’s expression is classic “Get me the fuck out of Texas.”  And we did.  We made it to Oklahoma by dark.

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  1. Leta says:

    Hi Marna!
    Reading this brings back a lot of memories. As a kid, I used to drive across country, from Ca. to Pa., w/ my Dad, every Summer. I’m inspired to write about such adventures after reading your post.
    Love it! Thank you!
    Leta, Los Angeles, So. Cal.

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