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So, how was that date with……

Posted on July 24, 2004 by Marna

I’ve had a few strangers who read my blog write to ask if I’ve had the date with TGG (that gym guy) because they wanted to read about the date results.  My response was, ‘Oh, I only blog bad dates.  Good guys don’t make for good nonfiction.”

I’m making an exception to the rule only because I have to tell you what I complete idiot I was on this lunch date.  I ordered a cobb salad which would probably be the menu selection of a bulimic.

“Oh, just so you know.  I’m not usually one of those girls that orders salads on dates.  I love meat, but I’ve been out of greens for two days in my apartment and I’m dying for a salad that isn’t made by me,” I explained.

Why did I say that?  TGG could take one look at me and know I love all food.  We have the same personal trainer, after all.  He was polite and laughed but his face said, “Who is this crazy bitch?”  Since he was from Texas, I thought I should disclose I was a meat eater.  Nothing is worse than having a good date in LA and realizing you are fraternizing with a vegetarian.

We ate and chatted for an hour and a half.  I had a good time and he really is a great guy.  This was probably one of my best of class first dates in LA.  Very engaging and polite and he didn’t do anything rude like whip out his throbbing cock to “show” me how much he liked me.

So how did we end it?  I, once again, put my foot in my mouth and said something completely stupid.

“Well, it was nice to finely meet you with clothes on,” I said, referring to our usual state of undress/sweat dress in the gym.

He chuckled while my why-did-I-say-that meter went off the scale.  He says he’ll call and we’ll get together again soon.

You think so?

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