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My first metrosexual

Posted on July 18, 2004 by Marna

If a man has an increased interest in his aesthetic sense, does that make him a metrosexual?  If he spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle, is he metrosexual?

Back in the old days, we called that gay.

I’m not sure where the term metrosexual came from, but I’m sure it was concepted in the halls of Procter & Gamble or some other consumer-focused conglomerate in order generate sales for hair mousse and nail buffers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for pampering.  I get pedicures.  I wash the gray out of my hair.  I get waxed.  These are my alternatives to heroin.  But what does a man need to feel and look better?  Usually a man only needs a blow job and a nose hair trimmer.

I realized today that Thomas Sullivan Magnum III was my first metrosexual crush.  He dressed well, trimmed his mustache, and was in touch with his feelings.  Why?  Because the Vietnam war gave him permission to have feelings.  But what was the other influencing factor?  Let’s not forget that ascot-wearing manservant, Higgins.  Higgins would probably be considered gay by today’s stereotypes.

It takes a gay man to keep a straight one put together.

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