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Belief and change

Posted on January 23, 2004 by Marna

I received an email out of the blue this morning from a friend from high school. We’ve probably chatted a dozen times since 1983. Today he sent an email in response to my holiday card.

“Marna – In 11th grade psychology class all you talked about was the Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape, and the never-ending trip that is the West Coast. So now decades later, you have fulfilled your dream of being in California, being Grace Slick and having 1000’s of wasted men chanting F-U-C-K at/with you. Congrats. Dave”

I was so touched Dave had such a vivid memory of me and my goals. Sometimes it takes distant friends like Dave to remind me that I have taken some interesting paths in my life. I also realized I have come full circle and returned to my one core strength – writing. My friends, for years, have begged me to write more. I’m finally at a place in my life where I feel the writing is good and, hopefully, profitable.

I need to listen to my friends more often. Mary, a dear friend from college, has saved every scrap of my writing. She’s convinced I’m going to be famous and she’s going to get rich quick selling my old stuff on Ebay.

Matt, another friend from college, said the following, “You probably get this from married guys all the time but as I read through your writings this morning it really hit home for me…you are pretty special! Besides the fact that I have known you for an unbelievable 15+ years you are without question one of the most articulate interesting friends that I have!”

Kim, a fellow Richmond refugee, followed with “LA seems to agree with you, or at least it’s unleashed the writing beast within.”

My brother’s old roommate added, “Wow – think you need to switch over to journalism & dump marketing once & for all. Freelance writing maybe?? Or a column in a good alternative weekly out there?”

A former coworker wrote this in the new year, “I can’t tell you the amount of enjoyment I get from reading your Blog site. Take care and keep the blog rolling.”

A friend stationed in Saudia said, “I love your blog – I share it with the guys that I work with and I am about to share it with some selected Saudi women, though I am concerned that you might foment a revolution. Your writing is always so creative and funny!!”

So, my friends, as I close in on my 38th birthday, I want to thank you for believing in me. I have arrived, I’m kicking ass, and I’m still yelling FUCK. I will never change.

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