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Thanks, but no thanks

Posted on October 01, 2003 by Marna

Yesterday I discovered a new low in the definition of rejection. How can someone turn you down for volunteering? I’m sorry, we don’t need your do-goodin’, free help kind here. I could understand if they did a background check and discovered I molest kids or highjack corporate software. But I like kids and have all the bootleg software I could ever want.

In my battle to determine what to do next, I reflected for about 30 seconds on what I love and what I could do to support myself. My passions are sex, beer, laughing, and music. My “day” jobs support those hobbies in some form or fashion. While I’m not working, I thought I would volunteer at a radio station since I love music and enjoyed working at two stations in college.

I hammered out an email to KCRW which is a glorious radio station near my apartment. They have not been sucked into the corporate ownership behemoths, and still have great musical programming sandwiched between NPR. I figured between my online and offline experience, I could help out some how.

This DOT ORG has a process. “If you are interested in becoming an office volunteer, please complete and return the attached questionnaire. Include any comments that will help us match your talents with our needs,” the volunteer coordinator’s email stated.

I completed the questionnaire and added a link to my resume. I indicated I could start immediately. Yesterday I received my rejection. “Thanks for your interest in volunteering. At the moment, we do not have any available positions, but that is always changing. I will keep your application on file until it does.”

Now, in this one-click-to-order age, do you think we could have backed up an email, saved a step, and sent the following suggested initial email instead?

Dear Marna,

Thank you for your interest in KCRW. At the moment, we do not have any available positions. If you would like to be considered for a future opening, please complete the following questionnaire and we’ll keep your application on file until an opening does become available.

No, because that which makes sense in a nonprofit organization cannot be done. My bet is they think I’m overqualified. That’s rejection I’m used to.

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