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It’s bad all over

Posted on March 20, 2005 by Marna

What makes dating worthwhile? The stories I suppose. But at what age do the stories become cliché and you give up dating and invest in a rocking chair and cats instead?

This morning, a friend told me about her Saturday night date with a 47 year-old man. She cooked dinner and they had hot monkey sex afterwards. He fell asleep at 8 p.m. and did not revive until the next morning.

“What do I do with him? I was so bored, I just watched TV and got on the computer. It was as if I didn’t even have a date that night because we didn’t get out and do anything,” she said.

I reminded her it was probably time to shave her legs and do her nails anyway, but the next time, don’t do it for a guy. Then I uttered my favorite four-lettered word.


I was at my teen writer mentoring event yesterday afternoon. When we wrapped up, about a half dozen of us commented about how we couldn’t wait to get home in the rain, curl up and watch TV (some with their cats). Are we women who have just given up, or know better.

We know what’s out there.

I’m being courted for a job back in Richmond, Virginia. Now that I’ve done my tour du Marna, which included the cities of Boston, New York, and Los Angeles, I have to say the idea of settling in a town of a quarter million people has an appeal to it. If dating is bad all over, maybe I need to start looking for affordable housing so I can plan my retirement… with cats.

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