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Posted on March 14, 2010 by Marna

When you are a young boy, from what I hear, you hate to be called cute.  Puppies are cute.  You want to be hot, which is more desirable.  Well, as a girl/woman, there’s something worse than cute.  We hate to hear the phrase, “You are so ____.  I can’t believe you aren’t married.”

I had my first date of the new year on Saturday.  Yeah, I know I’ve given up on dating in Los Angeles, but once in a while they’ll find me and ask me out.  I had nothing to lose and, at the end of the day, a girl’s gotta drink.  When David agreed to meet me at a bar four blocks from my house, it was a no brainer.

He was your typical cougar hunter:  35 and petite.  I generally like my men to have thighs bigger than mine, but this is L.A. where emaciated metrosexuals are in the majority.  I learned quickly that making small talk with an Israeli was going to be hard.  I felt like I needed a translator.  He’d been out here for nine years but still managed to keep a thick accent.

I did hear loud and clear one of his questions.  “You are so cute.  I don’t understand why you aren’t taken.”  I kept my composure mainly because I’ve been asked this a bazillion times.

“You’ve lived here nine years, so I think you can answer that question easily.  It is hard to date here, right?  It is hard to meet genuine people, right?  It is rare to meet anyone with an advanced degree.  And it is very hard to meet anyone that truly wants a long-term committed relationship.  That’s why I prefer to be single and focus on my career than be a traitor to my own standards,” I responded.

The date ended shortly thereafter, both of us tired from struggling to find conversation points and any common ground.  We hugged out, I thanked him for my beers, and I walked home to my dog – my real committed relationship

Meeting men the old-fashioned way Comments Off on Meeting men the old-fashioned way

Posted on November 02, 2007 by Marna

Why is it when I tell people I can be shy, they grab their stomach and double over laughing? Honestly, it took all I could to approach the Barney’s Beanery guy, give him my card, and ask him to call.

The man called. We agreed to go back to the scene of the crime and meet for a beer. I got there early on purpose because, yes, I was nervous and wanted to get a head start on the beer. I realized it had been ages since I’d gone into a date with little-to-no information. At least with set-ups, or online dating, you have some background information to go on.

We met and everything was fine. He’s a writer and filmmaker, so we had no shortage of conversation. We traded bad date stories, bitched about aspects of LA, and shared a lot of laughs. It was an incredibly normal and fun night. Technically, the evening was unblogable because he didn’t do anything ridiculous like some of the colossal tools I’ve been out with. He even asked if he could create his own blog pseudonym. How’s that for creative collaboration?!

I’m on deck for a second date, but even if that never happens and this ended up being a one off, I now know that I can conquer my own shyness and meet men the old-fashioned way, in bars.

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