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The WASP, the MILF, and the teen daughter Comments Off on The WASP, the MILF, and the teen daughter

Posted on July 03, 2007 by Marna

I don’t know what traditional child-rearing is, but I’m sure when I get together with my single-mother friends, the kid is bound to learn something.

Mom and Kid arrived Friday night and requested what any land-locked resident would: sushi. We had fish alfresco where we could dine and scope out the pedestrian meat. Kid quickly learned to play the “gay, straight, married and beat down, or single” game. We got her on big wallet patrol. After a cocktail, I began my fast-track tutorial with Kid which ended with the quote of the night, “You need a strong man who knows what he wants and can make decisions, otherwise, you are just dating a pussy with a dick.”

Kid laughed and responded with, “Yeah, I guess so.”

Since Mom is a teacher, she’s very good at wrap up and summaries and made Kid repeat what she learned in the evening. “Yeah, Mom, I know. If I’m going to waste my time dating, he needs to have an education, a good job, some money, and be handy around the house.”

Our next meeting will include a visit to Home Depot where we’ll teach her the “do-it-yourselfer, contractor, or day laborer” game. The one thing I learned this visit: men look at you more if you have a hot, teen girl beside you.

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