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Do you know where I can find a good fruit fly?

Posted on July 30, 2004 by Marna

A recent study published in the science journal, Nature, has determined that 60 cells are involved in the sexual behavior of a fruit fly. When they don’t work properly, male fruit flies cannot complete specific steps of the courtship ritual and are unable to reproduce.

The courtship steps of a fruit fly include tapping the female, singing and extending and vibrating a wing. When the researchers interfered with the nerve cells, the fruit flies did not go through those steps. The damn flies rushed through the courtship, which the females did not find attractive. The researchers determined that these altered males essentially try to do everything at once.

Just like some guys I know.

The scientists speculated whether the genes that control sexuality in fruit flies could have a similar role in humans. Until they figure that out, I think I’ll pour some orange juice on me, stand outside, and see if I can attract a good fruit fly.

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