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Gluten-free dating

Posted on November 30, 2014 by Marna

I rushed back from a quick weekend with an old girlfriend to have a date. With Dixie in the car and my luggage in the trunk, I went to Panera for my second date of the year. Or at least it was my second date of the year at the same Panera (their choice, not mine).

Hibiscus tea in hand, I learned Jim was really boring in person. After I got over his overly belted mom jeans, bright white sneakers, and comb-over side part, I realized I could never open my mind to the possibilities because he didn’t drink. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I had lots of friends of Bill when I live in Los Angeles. But he doesn’t “get” beer and believes Richmond Beer Lovers must be comprised of alcoholics. I like to think of us as beer foodies. The other thing I’ll never understand are men who are 50 who aren’t sure if they want kids. Seriously. Like you really want to be Medicare age when you are trying to pack a kid up for college? I feel sorry for that kid and your annuities.

I quickly wrapped it up as another dating adventure and returned to the car where I was greeted with a wag and a smile. Better luck next year.


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