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Green eggs and hate

Posted on January 25, 2015 by Marna
The Devil's Mess Scramble

The Devil’s Mess Scramble

The night before, Robert decided it would be cool if we just went to brunch for a date. A girl’s gotta eat, so 10 a.m. it was. I could finally check Millie’s brunch off my bucket list.

I texted 15 minutes prior to let him know I was on my way, but walking. I got there on time and waited and then decided sitting at the counter near the vodka was probably a smarter move. After 10 minutes, I got a “who you waiting on, hon?” from the waitress. I told her I thought I’d been stood up. A bloody mary was placed in my hand and the girl beside me said she was alone and I should eat with her. So I did and we did.

Great meal and good company. As far as the date? Well, he was probably married, right? Or scared? Or just not hungry. I never heard from him that day or after. But this is why a lot of women my age give up on dating. The disappointment can be frustrating. But if you always go in with low expectations and hope for an adventure of some sort, it’s fun. Or it’s blog material. When the check came, one of my BMs was comped — more proof bad dates can end nicely.

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