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Love me Tinder

Posted on April 17, 2015 by Marna

When the Tinder app launched, I was living in Santa Barbara where the dating population was either college-age or retirement age. I didn’t see the point. Imagine my surprise when a girlfriend visiting from Florida admitted she met her long-term boyfriend there.

“You have to get on it,” she said.

I still subscribe to the belief that dating is hard all over. I don’t care if you are in Los Angeles, Kansas City, or Richmond. You hit a certain age and, statistically speaking, there’s not a lot of good stuff out there. But whatever, I signed up for Tinder as another social experiment.

During the last two weeks, I’ve been matched with 11 guys within an 18-mile radius and five contacted me.

  • 3 started a conversation, I responded and haven’t heard from them since
  • 1 was moving to Richmond soon
  • 1 asked if I was naked

So much for a killer app. The experience is the same as if it were 1996 and I was in an AOL chat room. You have to weed out the boring to find the interesting people.

I’m still waiting.


0 to “Love me Tinder”

  1. Mark says:

    What about the guy you went out with New Years Eve?

  2. Marna says:

    He stopped calling/asking me out.

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