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Long dong Dave Comments Off on Long dong Dave

Posted on December 09, 2005 by Marna

When your kid says something hilarious and sexual, who are you going to call? Today my brother felt I was the best contact.

My nephew, Dave, is days away from turning four years old. He’s a combination of a goofy frat boy and a comedian. In a sense, he’s got my genes. Tonight before bed he had his hands down his pants. When my sister-in-law spotted the self-exploration, she suggested he come over and read a book with her.

“I can’t Mommy. I have to fight with my penis. It’s too big,” he said.

That’s my boy. If you get caught with your pants down, try to have a happy ending.

It’s all in a name Comments Off on It’s all in a name

Posted on November 08, 2004 by Marna

After reading my blog, an editor of an online website targeting boys-to-men (the beloved 18 – 34 year old demographic) offered me a columnist job. I will be dispensing my relationship and dating stories biweekly. Little old me — shaping young minds, one penis at a time.

The site has the editorial flavor of Maxim with more of a boobie slant. I’ve decided I’ll have to operate under a pen name. I used the age old formula for porn: first pet, mother’s maiden name. I shall be Gidget Leigh (Lee seemed too southern, so I went Hollywood).

Ten years of dating younger men is finally paying off.

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