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Alpha females. Adopt, don’t shop.

Posted on June 26, 2011 by Marna

I promise I won’t turn into a mommy blogger or a new mom who thinks she’s got the best baby on earth.  But until I date again, all I can do is sing the praises of my new rescue dog.

Dixie showed up as a stray at a SoCal shelter with pink toenail polish on.  That’s a sure sign she was living with a family or with a tweaker that wanted something to do.  She walks beside my knee on leash.  She always craps next to the curb.  She sits.  She lays.  She goes down when another dog approaches.

I knew Dixie was an alpha female the first time I took her to the beach.  I wanted to believe she was just socially awkward, but when I watched her play, she was the four-legged version of a bull-dyke field hockey player.  This was confirmed when she stopped squatting like a dainty lady to pee and backed up to telephone polls and squirted.  She enjoyed marking over the leg-cocking boys and making her own urine graffiti.

Friday I took her to get evaluated for doggie daycare.  I told them she was three, high energy, and liked to play rough, but I didn’t think she was aggressive.  She just needed to pick her playmates wisely.  After testing her two hours, she was approved to join the team.

Now I wait and see how many days before she’s fouled and put on the sidelines.  Even good babies have their bad days.

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  1. rachael says:

    She sounds just her Mommy, Alpha all the way 🙂

  2. Leta says:

    Hi Marna,
    Ha! Dixie “Dix”, the squirting,bull dyke, dog… Luna has some of those qualities as well. She’s very good at the hockey check, does it to motivate the other dogs to chase her. I tried it, but alas, the guy just mumbled some obscenities at me and walked away. Oh well. The marking thing doesn’t exist…not yet anyways. Loving your writings! xo

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